The reason for this letter is to share our experience in having David Garcia as our business coach. My name is Courtney Leonard and I am partners with my mother, Lana Leonard in a day spa, called Orange Skye.

David has been coaching us now for 6 months.  At first we were both apprehensive, being that we hadn’t experienced coaching before and had many questions. We are in our 4th year of business and still building, so we have to be very smart in our investments. Naturally the very first question we had was, “Can we afford him?” After our first 2 months with David, we both realized…..,”WE CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO HAVE HIM!!”

He has helped us change so many things  in a positive way and is truly a blessing to have. We both have grown so much not only from a business standpoint, but personally as well. Our calls with him are scheduled on Tuesday evenings, and we both anxiously wait for the scheduled time to roll around like children do the ice cream truck after school!! YES, he’s THAT GOOD! His knowledge is invaluable, and anytime we have a problem we know that David WILL have the answer. We have every confidence in the world in him that he is leading us in the right direction.

For me personally, the most valuable thing David has instilled in me is the self-belief that I CAN run a business at 26 years of age and be a solid business partner for my mother. I want to be the best I can for the staff as well. Because of my younger age, it is even more important for me to demonstrate strong leadership skills and to be able to reassure our service providers that I am competent in providing a delightful workplace for them, with an ongoing prosperous future.

I would recommend if you are just starting out, own an existing business or need help with personal development, you invest in David. To us he is an asset to our lives, and has also become dear, wonderful friend.

Lana & Courtney Leonard


Orange Skye Spa



I have been working with Dave for over six months. He is an angel – sent to help me! His positive attitude and clear insights have helped me move through some personal and professional issues that had me stumped before. He keeps me on track without using a whip (which is what I used on myself)! And he always asks just the right questions to make me consider better ways of doing things. All this, he does, in a non-judgmental, humorous, and caring way. Thank you so much, Dave, for the person you are to the universe!

Geri Davis


When I first found out my company had hired Dave to be our coach I asked them what were they thinking he doesn’t  know our business what could he possibly teach us?

What I soon came to realize, Dave was not here to teach us about our business but to teach us about ourselves and teach us he did.  I have learned more about myself and my abilities then I thought possible. I just needed a coach with the right questions to help guide and focus my time, talents, and abilities. I have experienced both personal and professional growth over the last two years which have not only made me a better sales person but a better person overall. I have experienced over 40 % growth in my sales over last year and I have friendships today a year ago I would not believed possible.

The thing I have learned more then anything is, I am worth the investment of time and the more I invest in myself the better I will be for myself and for others.

Take some time and invest in yourself I know I am glad I did and I will forever be a student of success and that is perhaps the greatest gift Dave has given me is the thirst to learn and succeed.

Candy Daniel


I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate in The Input Network. I have to admit I had reservations in the beginning. I said to myself “I already have a successful career in sales and know this stuff already. What could I possibly get out of this class?”   What I learned was that I was not applying what I already knew on a daily basis and did not have a plan to keep me focused on the goals I wanted to accomplish. The Input Network provides a workable plan that keeps me focused and on track

The time invested in the program has made a huge difference in both my personal and professional life. I now have clearly defined Goals for what I want to do at work and at home.

PS. There will be an extra rocking chair for you on the porch of my cabin in the Ozarks provided by the extra income from applying what I learned from the class.

Ron Ryan



The purpose of this letter is to express my support of Dave Garcia and the fabulous motivational program he has developed, The Input Network. I had the pleasure of participating as a member of a team for several weeks and gained invaluable information which has led to alternating my lifestyle and the manner in which I address issues ranging from personal relationships to finances. This was a life altering experience which only enhanced me as a person.

From the beginning of the program, Dave’s enthusiasm, positive attitude coupled with a genuine caring and support for the people in the class and any human being he comes into contact with were infectious and highly motivational. He is as an excellent, positive role model who lives by what he says. During the time I was in his class, Dave was going through an incredible ordeal with a family member. As he would update his friends as to what was happening, I was amazed that such a tragic event could be looked on in such a manner that the good was emphasized and life was celebrated. This was just one of the many lessons I learned during this class.

Just as important as the material being learned was the camaraderie among the participants. People who at the start were total strangers, were not only supportive, but helpful and also a source of much positive energy.  I feel we all went through a transformation and gained a real inner confidence through tools designed to enhance an individual’s ability to control life. Dave was excellent at guiding each of us down an individual path and helping us get a better understanding of who we are and how to reach our potential.

I would highly recommend this program and firmly believe that any person who attends these classes and takes what is being communicated at heart will receive a benefit which will last for the rest of their life.

Victor Reyes


David Garcia and his INPUT program.

I am an accounting manager and I have participated in the program and have had a very positive experience.  I decided to participate in the program due to some changes in my personal life. I felt focusing on my personal well being as well as my attitude would be very advantageous both in my personal as well as my professional life.

The program has greatly increased my ability to focus on fulfilling my goals and to process changes in a positive and productive manner.  For many self improvement and self fulfillment is difficult process to master.  The program offers the ability to work on these aspects both in a group and privately.  The information one gains about themselves through the program is immeasurable.

David has structured the program to build a sense of trust within the group.  The structure of the program as well as the accountability to the group is a key aspect to the success of the process. The two of these things coupled together make for a very positive life experience.

I believe that no matter what walk of life a person finds themselves in, this program will be a very positive addition to their lives.

Deb Golob

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