Suggested Input

This is a list of books and favorite authors to read and or listen to for your personal development.

The Energy Bus  ( Jon Gordon)

The No Complaining Rule  ( Jon Gordon)

Training Camp   ( Jon Gordon)

The one Minute Manager ( Kenneth Blanchard)

Think and Grow Rich  ( Napoleon Hill)

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself  ( Shad Helmstetter)

How to be A Winner ( Zig Ziglar)

Goals  ( Zig Ziglar)

Flight Plan ( Brian Tracy)

Uncommon (Tony Dungy)



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  1. Hi Dave,
    Just got done looking over your website. Great information provided. I have not read any of the above books, but have heard of a few of those authors. I have to mention, quite an impressive number of audio books in your library. It’s good to have you in the group. We need to do a one on one.

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